Quran Era is the Most Creative and Comprehensive
    online Quran Reading & Game Platform for Muslim Kids.

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Quran Era Features

Quran Era is the most fun Quran reading & game platform for kids aged 4 to 10.

  • Designed for English Speaking Muslim Kids
  • Story Based Approach
  • Memorable Arabic Letter Characters
  • Visual Mnemonics
  • Structured and Well Organised Curriculum
  • Animated Content
  • Flexible Study Schedule
  • Rewards and Certificates

Why Quran Era


Friendly characters, animated stories and fun activities


Animals and real-world objects in the shapes of the Arabic letters


Arabic alphabet all the way to Quran recitation rules


In line with Islamic guidelines and teachings


Quran Era was developed to tackle the unique problems Muslim children face when trying to learn Quran in the digital age. We believe the children of our time need a new and modernized approach to learning Quran that is creative, engaging, and fun.

This is what Quran Era is all about. We are changing the way your child learns Quran. Quran Era is the most comprehensive and engaging online program to learn how to read the Quran for kids aged 4 to 10.

Our Team

Quran Era Tour

Quran Era Tour

Connect Muslim kids with the Quran and help them raise as future Muslim leaders.

Our Vision


Access your account from any computer or
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1 Month
$ 9.99
Full access to all lessons for 1 month.
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1 Year
$ 69.99
Full access to all lessons for 12 months.
Access for ONE Student
$ 199
Full access to all lessons for lifetime.
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Community Leaders Endorse Quran Era

What Experts Say

This is amazing. I really loved it. I feel that it will keep the kids engaged and excited. Congratulations!

Abdulazeez Abdulraheem Founder, Understand Quran Academy

My daughter was really engaged, which is so refreshing to see with something that aligns with our values - and even more than engaged, she was learning!

Chris Abdurrahman Blauvelt CEO, Launch Good

Ma sha Allah extremely expressive. I was overwhelmed by this innovative and modern approach that will no doubt interest the kids and help them read, learn and understand the Quran.

Shaikh Abu Hamza Leader & Imam at IISNA MyCentre

Customer Reviews

1 Month
$ 9.99
Full access to all lessons for 1 month.
Access for ONE Student
1 Year
$ 69.99
Full access to all lessons for 12 months.
Access for ONE Student
$ 199
Full access to all lessons for lifetime.
Access for ONE Student


What is Quran Era?

Quran Era is the most comprehensive and engaging online program to learn how to read the Quran. It is where children learn Quran with fun learning activities, games, and animated stories at their own pace.

Why was Quran Era developed?

Quran Era was developed to tackle the unique problems Muslim children face when trying to learn Quran in the digital age.

The children of our time need a new and modernized approach to learning Quran that is creative, engaging, and fun.

What age is Quran Era for?

It is for non-native Arabic speaking children aged 4 to 12. But older kids, even adults can hugely benefit from the program.

How do I know whether it will work for my child?

The program and its unique teaching method have been field-tested and found to be effective in many Islamic schools for 100s of students.

We also offer 7 Day Free Trial. If you don't see a positive change in your child's Quran reading in just 7 days, you can cancel without paying a dime.

What makes Quran Era a unique program?

The program introduces the Arabic alphabet and Quran recitation rules in a memorable way using a story-based approach.

Quran Era, unlike other Quran teaching programs, uses animals and real-world objects in the shapes of the letters to aid memory and retention; and each animal character has a name and a story behind them.

This concrete approach cements the sounds to the shapes of the letters.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, Quran Era is a very child-friendly program. Audio-visual prompts guide students throughout the program with positive reinforcement to encourage achievement.

How far does the Quran Era program go?

The program is a sequential series of lessons that start from learning the first Arabic letter and continues all the way to Tajweed rules. Upon completion, students will be ready to recite the Quran applying Tajweed rules inshaAllah.

Who developed Quran Era?

The Quran Era was developed by a highly skilled team of teaching experts, qualified Quran teachers, professional animators, web developers and more.

Is it authentic?

Quran Era is strictly in line with Islamic guidelines and teachings. Its stories nurture love and respect towards Islamic values, the companions, and the Holy Quran. The materials in the program are approved by our qualified Muslim Scholars.

Is Quran Era engaging?

Quran Era increases student’s interest and motivation to learn Quran with over 100s of fun activities, interactive games and animated stories. Quran Era further engages students through the reward points, trophies and certificates.

How does it work?

The program is designed as a step-by-step curriculum that is age-appropriate and playful. Since each lesson takes place in a different country, the student will be taken on a journey around the globe with Qari Snail (our main character) and learn to read Quran. They will watch animated stories, play games, paint characters, listen to songs, and read books. It makes learning the Quran an exciting and fun adventure.

To go to Lesson 1, student needs to click on the Asia continent. Then choose New Zealand, which is the first lesson and start learning. The activities unlock as student goes from one lesson to another. 

How many levels (Continents) are there?

The content of the program is divided into five levels of learning, or Continents as we say in the Quran Era world. It follows the same sequence as that of the Iqra book series that is widely used in many Islamic schools around the world.

What is in Level 1 (Asian Continent)?

In Level 1, kids learn the isolated forms of all the Arabic letters with fatha.

They also learn the correct pronunciation (makhraj) of the Arabic letters and master reading basic Arabic words. There are 16 lessons (countries) in this continent.

What is in Level 2 (European Continent)?

In Level 2, kids learn joining the Arabic letters using our unique characters. They also learn the long “a” sound (Alif Maddiyah). The whole process is made easy through our innovative and visual teaching techniques. The activities and games are more engaging and challenging in Level 2. There are 12 lessons (countries) in this continent.

What is in Level 3 (African Continent)?

In Level 3, concepts such as Kasra, Dhamma, Tanween, Tashdeed, Sukoon etc. are introduced. Students practise reading the most commonly used words in the Quran.

What is in Level 4 & 5 (American Continents)?

In Levels 4 & 5, kids learn the Tajweed rules that they need to be able recite the Quran. They practise reading short and long Quranic verses.

Have all the levels been completed?

Levels 1, 2, 3 have been fully completed.

Level 4 was partially released in March, 2023. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Level 5 is due to be launched in 2024, inshaAllah.

Is there enough content to challenge my child?

Yes, there is enough stimulating content in Quran Era to keep students actively engaged. There are over 100 activities, games and animated stories in the program. The activities and games get more challenging in the upper levels. If a child completes two lessons a week, it will take them at least 7-8 months to complete all the levels.

My child is not at school and can’t read yet. Can my child use Quran Era program?

Yes, Quran Era program is suitable for students aged 4 to 12 years of age. The content is aimed at improving reading readiness and articulation. The program provides high-quality play-based games and activities aimed at developing a child's visual and auditory perception, alphabet knowledge and letter sound recognition.

How will I know that my child is making a progress?

At the end of each Zone (four lessons), the child will have to complete a quiz. There are 15 questions in each quiz. The student needs to answer at least 11 questions correctly to pass the quiz.

After successfully completing the quiz, the child is awarded Quran Era Certificate. The certificates can be accessed and printed in My Awards page.

How can I use the program as a teacher at school?

Teachers can engage the students through setting Quran Era exercises or playing teaching videos in class. They can also assign tasks as homework. Quran Era maximises learning time by keeping all the students active in class, as well as at home.

In addition, teachers are able to monitor their students’ progress through a report on their dashboard. We have special pricing for schools. You can contact us at salam@quranera.com for more information.

Does the child have to start from Level 1?

We recommend starting from Level 1. We have unique letter characters that we use to introduce the Arabic letters. It helps kids spot the differences between similar letters and improves reading proficiency.

In addition, the characters are further used while explaining joining the letters in Level 2. But if the students already have a strong knowledge of the letters, we can unlock the levels and let them start from the appropriate level.

Does my child get one-on-one teaching with a teacher?

No, Quran Era is an online program where kids learn at their own pace. It doesn’t include live classes.

Do you offer live classes?

Yes, we offer live classes with qualified Quran Teachers through Quran Era Academy.

What is Quran Era Academy?

It is an online Quran academy that provides online Quran teaching services to kids. Our Quran teachers are highly qualified with a very good English language skills and most of them have an Ijazah (permission) to teach Quran. We train our Quran teachers to be Quran coaches, who apart from reading, also teach the manners and meanings of the Quran.

For more info visit the following page: www.quranera.com/academy

Is there a Quran Era app?

You can access Quran Era program either on the website or by using our mobile app. You can download the mobile app from the App Store (for iPhones & iPads) or Google Play (for Android device). If you choose the website, we recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser for the best experience.

How much does it cost?

We offer monthly and yearly subscription plans. Check our website for pricing. If you can’t afford to pay the fees, you can contact us and apply for a scholarship.

How do I enrol my child in the program?

You need to create an account at www.quranera.com by clicking on the sign up button in the navigation bar.

Then complete all three steps by first adding your personal information, followed by your child's details.

In the third step, you need to add your card details. Once it is done, you are set to go. Just click on the “Play” button and start learning.

Do I need to add my credit card to trial the program?

Yes. Because all the payments to the program is made using a credit card.

I have multiple children. How do I enrol them in the program?

You add your first child to your account while signing up. Then can add more children on your dashboard.

Is the pricing shown on the website for one child or a family?

It is for one child.

Is your payment system secure?

We use Stripe as our payment solution provider. It is one of the highly trusted and secure payment solutions. 

How does 7 Day Free Trial work?

When a user creates an account by completing all three steps, 7 Day Free Trial is automatically activated. The user has full access to the program and no charges are processed during the trial period.

Note: 7 Day Free Trial is ONLY given to the first child. When a second child is added to the account and activated, the payment will be processed for a selected plan. If you have already used the 7 Day Free Trial in the past, you will not be offered it again.

When does 7 Day Free Trial Period starts?

Your 7 Day Free Trial starts from the date you enter your card details.

Will I be charged during 7 Day Free Trial Period?

No, you won’t be charged any amount during the 7 Day Free Trial Period.

How are the payments processed?

Once the 7 Day Free Trial ends, the monthly or yearly payment is processed automatically from the designated card. The payments are processed at the same date of each month or year based on the nature of subscription plan.

Do I get any notification before the payment is processed?

Yes, notification email is sent 3 days before the payment is processed.

How does the payment appear in my bank account?

It appears as QURANERA.

Can I cancel my subscription during 7 Day Free Trial Period?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime whether it is a trial period or after it.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your Quran Era account. Then go the Billing page and click on the “Stop” button. Your account will be de-activated immediately.